the shitty shot of dirty bathtub booze

As I have been preparing to write here each of the last four weeks, as I have been thinking about and reading political news and views, I have clicked on articles that I might not normally have clicked on; I have tried to corroborate a claim in one story with another with sources not so blatantly partisan; I have been fascinated by the different ways in which Fox (the right-wing propagandists) and CNN (the left-wing propagandists) cover the T news. In trying to truly understand the Right, I have started to read a little bit from The National Review (incidentally, I discovered a challenging voice in the ongoing critique of race and Hollywood, Armond White).

What has emerged this week is the concept of progress. I touched upon the concept last week when I made mention of the Herbal Tea Partiers. As I have processed this concept of the regressive-left, I find myself hesitant to post this article here, an article that, should I comment about it–if only to say that there are some interesting points of consideration (in spite of my opposition to the manner in which the travel ban was so recklessly implemented)–, may put into question my reputation here as a writer, as I cultivate it, as I question it, as I protect it, as I put it out there for anyone to see.

By simply posting the article here, do I rouse the Lefties in my circle to censure, if not censor, me? And there is much at stake for me–both socially and professionally–, considering I have Muslim friends (actual friends, not just social media “friends”) and students–all of whom reside on different parts of the religio-political spectrum, some of whom have been reading these recent blog posts. I value their perspectives, but do I risk both groups alienating me because I consider some ideas of political opposition? If I alienate anyone who reads this, it certainly would damage my whole objective in writing here.


Photo credit Rick Bowman

I wonder if other people on the Left feel the same, as if exploring different ideas and reasoning them out were some sort of crime. The intolerance that lurks on the Left has some similar characteristics to it that I so often accuse the Tea Party of.

To be clear, my disdain for Mitch McConnell is deep. The face of the Tea Party is, in my opinion, responsible for the current divisiveness in this country. And President T is the toxic monster that results from 6 years of McConnell and the Tea Partiers. But the hallmark obstructionism and unwillingness to listen that characterize the Tea Party have crept deeply into basic reasoning and human decency on both sides, have manifested in the meme-osphere that distills complex, non-binary issues into a shitty shot of dirty bathtub booze.

I have taken those shots. I have laughed. I have felt camaraderie and drunkenness with the like-minded.

Now I’m trying to recover from the hangover of close-mindedness.

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