Letter to Senator Grassley re: abortion access

Dear Senator Grassley,

I do not think you or your fellow GOP lawmakers have fully considered the ramifications of your “moral” stance against abortion rights.

Let’s start here with a quote that could have been from you; it’s a hilarious one from state rep Jeff Kaufmann in a recent DSM Register article: “The Republican Party of Iowa is committed to defending the unborn and will fight for every person’s right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.” 

Please spare us. Those who support rolling back Roe are demonstrably NOT pro-life (see: non-stances on social programs and do-nothing political platforms and de-funding sex education in public schools). The GOP is pro-birth. That’s it. If they were pro-life, they would run for office on expanding care for low-income folks after they make the “pious” choice to give birth. Did you know that most of the states that are backing abortion bans do not cover maternity leave?

photo credit: Shuran Huang for The New York Times

Rolling back Roe is deeply unpopular (~61% of Americans see the importance of having abortion rights protected). The backing of such unpopular agenda items is Fascism 101.

Ironically, the morality of abortion is raised by folks who have seemingly never thought of “morality.” Is it “moral” to judge someone for what they do in their private lives, much less impose a law that infringes on privacy? Is it “moral” to take away a woman’s right to do what she chooses with her body? (Who are you to dictate, by the extension of Roe ban, when and for what reason a woman has sex?) Most importantly, is it “moral” to force a woman to bring a pregnancy to term when infant and maternal mortality is a real threat? Without some form of universal healthcare, many people who become pregnant cannot afford prenatal check-ups, thus putting them at risk of death. Where is the morality in that? A baby’s life is worth more than the woman carrying it? And bring a child to term to put up for adoption? Are you serious? The foster system is overwhelmed as it is (see statistics: nearly half a million unplaced foster kids). And “moral” folks like yourself want to constantly attack and/or underfund gov’t-funded care (FYI: Planned Parenthood services are 90% non-abortion-related; they mostly provide advice, contraception, and prenatal care). Are you coming after contraception next?

“Christian” folks like yourself want to do away with sex ed and contraception altogether (see above commentary on Planned Parenthood). To me, that seems unethical and, yes, tyrannical. Taking away education AND the right to choose to have sex and/or a baby basically imparts judgement on the act of sex itself. So yes, the laws banning abortion are fascist. And that is now part of your bumbling legacy.

The ethics of an outright ban on abortion are questionable, and certainly morally dubious.

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