Expat’s Lament. (It’s not as bad as it may seem…)

Expats’ Lament

It came upon us like an elephant lumbering
And we ignored it like the elephant in the room
And now—long before you are gone—
I miss you already.

What more there is to you–
beyond the veil of this Korean affair
with all its intensities and countdowns–
I can only surmise.


Though I wrote the above to try and capture all of the friendships I have made while out here, it was written a few weeks ago when the impending departure of Janine loomed too large to ignore any more.  It will do well enough not to belabor the point.  I will only  say that in my time with Janine, I found a sense of home: comfort and contentment in that she allowed me to be myself at all times, as a good friend will do.  Is there really ever any other way to be?  And it’s not as bad as it may seem.  Sure, I am a little sad, but I think I will see her (and any other person I meet out here who is worth a damn) again.  

Upcoming events in the Pan Asian Theater:
1. A mystery tour of which the events and locations will be revealed after the weekend of August 11.  Companion: Big "Punchy" Paul.
2. Japan (August 23-29) after Summer Intensives are completed. Companion: none.
3. China (September 22-26) during the Korean Thanksgiving called Chu-Seok. Companion: possibly co-workers Amanda and Colin; possibly none.
4. Thailand (the last week of December).  Companion: "Punchy," maybe his wife SooYeon.  (not to mention, a bowl of Thailand’s finest).
Hope all is well in your world.  Keep me in the loop.
I am sure there will be other picture and journal-worthy happenings in between these jaunts, so continue to check regularly.

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