here i go again

Often I wake up in the morning with the most random songs in my head; recently, there have been the likes of Madonna’s “Material Girl” and Michael Jackson’s “Bad.”  Just a couple days ago, White Snake’s “Here I Go Again (On My Own).”   While some of you might say that’s poppycock, hack writer BS, saying, “How could these a propos songs from the 80s really be the ones he woke up to? Unless he’s just making this up.”  Though I am terribly inspired by the Material Girl, I assure you, I am not making this up; besides, my sister can vouch for this madness, having heard me mumbling lyrics as I made my breakfast.  I also assure you that I have a penchant for seriously bad ass pop music from the 80s.  But, while I wouldn’t mind it if Tawny Kitaen were grinding and sprawling on my white Jaguar XJE (as in that famous video shown on MTV back when they showed videos; instead of “reality shows” featuring people like Kitaen and their washed up careers floating lifelessly next to the likes of Bob Saget), the best I can hope for here is an undersized hoofed and antlered animal dancing on hind legs wiping its butt on the front end of a semi-shiny black motor scooter that I am pretending is mine by simply by leaning up against it while wearing my sexy pink and white floral moo-moo.


All horrifying images and great music aside, it’s really as if I had only been gone for a short while.  I’m an old pro in this country, especially this city, knowing where to get my favorite foods, what to expect from the people (for the most part), and how to get around.  Professionally speaking, things are going fairly smooth.   There were some schedule changes and I don’t start teaching until the 29th.  With this, I am fine.  Over the next week, I can concentrate on getting my permanent place and familiarizing myself with the curriculum.  During my interview, my supervisor showed interest in my writing background and, while she has forgotten a few things along the immigration process, she remembered this thing.  So, off the bat, I will be working with her (but likely with many people) to develop curriculum in that area.  I am looking forward to this opportunity.    


As expected, my savings from the previous year and a half will allow me to have a nice place (knock on wood).  In the meantime, you should see my temporary place right now; three bedrooms on the 14th floor with a great view of the Nakdong River.  Though it is way more space than I need and not in the ideal location (not a hell of a lot to do in this area), it’s a nice transition since it is mostly quiet (I am surely sleep deprived after this crazy summer and a sleepless trans-Pacific flight); it also has a great cross-breeze to keep things cool in a season of humidity. 


Anyhow, I am now sitting in my quiet office a week before classes and chaos start.  I have a view of nearby green hills and the smell of rain fresh on the soil coming in through the window.  Shortly, I will be off to get my blood test (the final hurdle for me to jump through to make myself official).  Next time I write here (let’s say, two weeks from now), I will deliver the much-anticipated story of me, kindergarteners and the power of improvisation (and slapstick) in the classroom. 


[Note: There will be additional photos added today and in the next week to the album “summer ’08 family photos”—mostly from that crazy final weekend of Ian’s birthday, and the last couple send-offs that I got.  Jen H., Cara, Pam, could you send me your photos from the weekend? As always, anyone can me more so I can post them for other readers.]

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