Ma’s Visit Part 4

On July 4th, I thought I’d treat Ma to a Korean interpretation of a very American pasttime: baseball.  I won’t go too much into it becuase I don’t want to detract from hearing Ma’s impressions, but suffice it to say the experience is far different than anything you may have experienced in North America.  If you have the means, I highly recommend it.
The following day, Ma and I went to church.  While this is something that I would not do on my own, I was a good son and a good agnostic, leaving an open mind to the experience.  Ma seemed to appreciate the ritual and the singing, but both of us thought the preist was a little long-winded in his sermon (30 minutes is too long in one’s own language, not to mention a foreign one).  After sitting through that, we repaired to lunch and a couple glasses of wine before heading back to the apartment to get Nicole and head out to Hywamyeong, the other side of town where Punchy lives with his family, including a 3 month old Emily.  It was apparent that Ma missed her grandbabies–that or she’s staying in shape for another one in the future (no, not me).

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