a marriage to-do list, a late night, and the resultant decimation of brain cells (post dated)

December 12

Nic is throwing some things together as we approach time to leave.  Over the course of yesterday, I wandered the house, checking things slowly off the list.  So many were the little things to do, I felt as if I was walking in circles.  Aside from all the odds and ends that one needs for an overnight stay, I completed (in triplicate with no photo copies) the affidavit form and the application for marriage.  This does not sound like it’s a big deal, but when your list of things to do include making sure the bride has all that she needs ready to go so she just has to throw it in a bag, the tasks are of great importance.  Making a list, checking it thrice.

I kept going over and over the list, thinking of one item here, another item there; and I kept being pulled by some damned cousin of ADD to do these things.  The next thing I knew, it was 3 in the afternoon, three and a half hours after I set out to fill out all the necessary documents for the embassy tomorrow.  Sure, sure, our train doesn’t leave until 11 this morning, but I had a grand plot that was set in motion 3 weeks ago.

Nic has been working so hard all year that she really hasn’t had time to “feel like the bride,” as she has said a number of times.  She has a few ladies with whom she has coffee every Friday.  It is with these ladies with whom she was supposed to have a little bachelorette brunch just yesterday.  But, being that button bouquets take forever to assemble, the event was cancelled.  It was okay, though, because I had planned a surprise party that was basically like a bachelorette party (yet somehow, I ended up with MY shirt off). 

The surprise was a hit with about ten people showing up to help us celebrate the waning days of fiancée-dom.  But now we deal with massive hangovers and time running down; makes us feel like we’re losing our minds, what little of our minds we have left.  Maybe by rubbing the six brain cells betwixt the two of us, we’ll get our shit together and out the door.

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