video chat and its affect on relationships

For the last week, I’ve been obsessed with the internet for a couple reasons.  One is that I want to see how many people are reading this blog.  The other reason is to check if there have been any emails about our moving sale.   I have to tell myself that popularity of the jottings here is not what I am writing for; though it is a good way for people to pop in from time to time to see what is up with the upheaval that is my current life, the reason I am writing here is really only for my own daily warm-ups for the bigger projects.  However, those bigger projects have stalled due to the initial success with the online classified ad we posted. 

It seems, also, that the holidays are to blame.  Just as they are to blame for my eating and drinking that creates a bloated me who waddles around the cavernous home of ours—over a third of our stuff is now gone.  I can tell myself, though, that these interruptions/excuses/ excesses will soon cease to exist, that soon it will be easier to start waning myself off the internet habit , that soon I will not even think of checking my email., that this preparation for my unplugged experiment that begins 37 days from now will not be as difficult as I think it may be.

If there is one thing that will be difficult to wane myself off is the Skype conversations I have with my nieces and nephew.  Granted, I do not have video conversations every day; but, after  Nic and I had the great experiences yesterday of watching Ian, Audrey and Lexi open the Christmas presents that we sent them, it is cause for concern.  Video chatting has allowed me to experience my little family members and watch them develop over my years here in Korea; certainly these relationships would be entirely different and have far less depth.  While I am a little concerned about how my relationships with my older people will change while I am offline, I wonder how the lack of online video chat technology will affect my relationships with Ian, Audrey, Lexi (and Ella, who seems to like the look of my face on the computer screen, too).  I wonder if they’ll even notice that I am gone for three months, not popping up on their parents’ computer screens every so often.

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