at the mercy of technology (and dingy DVD rooms)

This will sound like yet another elaborate excuse, but it’s not.  I was just about to settle into a couple hours of reading and re-acquainting myself with the work I have so far completed on the second novel; however, my computer started to freak out.  Every so often, a message will pop up that tells me my computer has 34 malware, spyware and viruses.  Of course, this stops any writing progress dead in its tracks.  All I need is one more month out of this piece of shit, 4.5 year-old computer, and now, now of all times, it starts giving me grief.  I immediately went into panic mode, trying to get some virus protection, all of which costs an arm and a leg.  A saavy friend of mine even recommended a free virus-killer, but the “shield” that is on my computer currently won’t allow it to download. 

Stupid, old, ignorant Me, I thought that closing the computer down and giving it a rest would fix things.  However, this morning, I write furiously here because that didn’t work.  I think there is a timebomb in this computer and it will melt down at any moment.  Luckily for me–but not so much for my writing habit–I was able to offload all important docuements onto my external hard drive.  As of now, all important things are safe.  But I think this computer has shut itself down a couple times, too.  So, as I said, I type here without much recourse–or editing, for that matter: I cannot even open MS Word and typy my entry beforehand as usually do.

Anyhow, as I let my computer rest yesterday evening, I went out for my birthday after a secret agent meeting at a Russian teahouse.  I had a gluttonous Western-style dinner (of the kind I am ashamed to admit here) and then just tried to take in a movie.  But the only English language movie that’s out right now is F’ing Harry Potter and the Witch’s Cold Tit or something like that.  We settled for a DVD bang (a room where you can watch a movie in a little, private theater).  Now, I’ve been to these establishments before.  The concept is nice, but the sleazy underside of this kind of operation is they are usually doubling as a cheap way for teens and uni students to get sexy with each other.  Watch a movie in the dark, get a hand job, get a blow job, have your first sex.  All for 1/4 the price of a “love motel.”  Pretty great, except I just want to watch a movie (I have the money and a goddamned apartment…most times).  Last night was one of those times and this just happened to be the most disgusting DVD bang I ever encountered. 

In addition to the projector lamp being well past its prime so the movie (as marginal as it was, oh Robin Hood) looked as if all the shots were taken in moonlight, there were other standard greats of this movie-watching adventure.  There was the standard faux-leather sofa, this one in paticularly torn-up state; the ubiquitous Kleenex box was ready for action; and lots of action had been had, apparently.  Dried jizz shots on the wall (and who knows where else; I might be pregnant now, for all I know) and a full trashcan of spent kleenex jizz rags.  Awesome!  And it gave me something to write about here.

Okay.  Fuck this computer.  It just shut down on me without warning.  Good thing Nic has a working one and I have all my important docs off this dying dinosaur of a computer.

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