the Super One

The Super One is the individual who holds the Super Couple together when Kryptonite has temporarily crippled the Other Half.  The Super One is also the individual who accomplishes a vast number of tasks in lightening-quick time when the sheer number of tasks to be accomplished can produce Kryptonite-like effects: paralysis, wall-staring, incessant internet-surfing.

To my credit, there have been times in the two years with Nic that I’ve had to be the Super One.  Super Cook, Super Earner, Super Editor—to say nothing of Super Guy—are all capes I have worn.  In recent weeks, I’ve been Super Seller (not to be confused with Super Earner, mind you): all but two big items have been sold and we have three and a half weeks left.

Though I did sell a couple items yesterday, I may have faltered in my task at the train station. Not only that, I was trapped in a string of multi-tasks: trying to write yesterday’s entries, dealing with a couple interested buyers, trying to move all four and a half years of my Korea pictures over to Flickr.  All of these took way longer than they should have.

On the other hand, Nic’s focus was one of the Super One, ticking off things that we had talked about and put on a to-do list.  As you may know by now,  I am not the most logistically sound person (due to ADD or lack of sleep or idiocy), so the number of items Nic took care of yesterday would have taken me a week, the headache of dealing with bureaucracy causing apoplexy in the mornings and procrastination in the afternoon, and general anxiety in the evenings.  My Super Wife filed 2010 taxes, bought traveler’s insurance, bought boxes so we can start sending books and clothes home, worked out some logistics on getting visas for Vietnam, reserved two sleeper berths for Kuala Lampur to Hat Yai, typed up currency conversions for five countries and typed up flight itineraries.  All this and she still had the energy to read aloud a chapter of my first novel that is going through another revision.  Oh, she wasn’t done yet.  She also consoled me about my 24 hours of general ineptitude.

One thought on “the Super One

  1. I think we’re just Super in general. Kind of like how He-Man and She-Ra are super, except we don’t defend Castle Grayskull, and we’re not twins. Eew. That would be weird. And gross. So maybe we’re not Super like He-Man and She-Ra, but we’re Super in our own way. And that’s special. Super special.

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