the hack gets his hand hacked

Did the medical circuit yesterday and today am the walking wounded and the boring writer.  It’s a reading day.  It’s an editing day.  It’s one of many packing days.

Started the day off with a tea party.  Harmless.  Went to the acupuncturist to try something new on this nagging neck injury, a result of being hit from behind over five years ago in my car.  No treatment been working for a while, so I decided to get drastic: herbal injections.  It’s a three day cycle of ginseng and 20 other herbs and roots.  Only one of the .01 mg injections really felt like a wand fire being put into my neck.

Next up was the dentist.  A standard cleaning with sonic blasters of cold water on my front teeth.  Minor discomfort.  Later in the day, my teeth were sore.

A couple hours later, we visited the dermatologist to zap off some warts on my hands.  Worse than anything in the entire day was the four needle pricks needed for the local anesthetic.  But then I got to watch the doc Exacto-knife the top layer of skin and then get all Star Wars on my viral infections.  The worst one, which is on my right palm near the pinky side, is about the size of a BB.  And a BB could fit in it it is so deep.  I blame this wound for my inability to write well here today.  Also, I will be unable to ride to today’s errands in the balmy 48 degree weather, my throttle hand being tender to the touch.

To round out the day, we spent an hour and a half getting the prescriptions for travel, the most important being the preventative medicine for altitude sickness.  My wife is pretty amazing at organizing in such a logistically sound manner, all things completed before rush hour began.

Better writing tomorrow, I hope.    I wonder if it’s the warts that I no longer have that gave me my powers of writing.

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