Winter 2010: Busan and Part 1 of California

After a quiet Christmas and a crazy New Year and saying goodbye to some soon-to-be-ex-expat friends in Busan, we wasted no time getting the hell out of dodge (Nic’s first time in a year, my first time since August 2008).  First stop: Northern California.  While it rained (and even snowed) most of the time in San Jose, there were some mid-winter sunny days for which the state is known. 
On the social side, the insanity of this trip was expected.  Over-booked, running here and there to get our share of family, friends, US products (clothes, food, wine, beer, all the good stuff).  There are a ton of pictures to share, so I think I’ll break it up in four parts. 
Mom and Dad took us out for a night in downtown Modesto (dinner and symphony: Rachmaninov 3rd Piano from the fifth row was astounding).  Diron and I went to a couple of games and got silly (though to a much tamer degree) in the old stomping grounds of DT San Jose; we (and Cara) also took Nic to her first NHL game (I saw three live games; the first I’d seen since Playoffs 2006).  We got to spend some quality time with John Campos, who is a good friend from my time in the trenches of another life.
Lars, Pam, Ian, Audrey and T-Bone made us feel very at home.  It was good to mend some fences with Lars; our history as brothers is storied with rifts and reunions; hopefully we can stay on the reunion side from here on (Lars, if you come across any pics from the Chicago game, please forward them to me). Nic is already loved and I would assume is already Auntie Nic; she and Audrey were quick buds; then again, so were Lex and Nic.  Ian and I reconnected in spite of a long seperation (as old buddies will). 
Ella Leigh arrived five days after our arrival; Nic and I both held her at about five hours old (a first but not a last for both of us).  I’m so proud of my sister for her bravery and strength; I hope she can get caught up on some sleep (and her wine-drinking) right quick.
Okay.  I’ll post some more in the coming weeks.  I miss everyone immensely.

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