Winter 2010: Part 2 of California

Well, the semester has gobbled up six weeks of my life.  Things are busy with curriculum development of new writing classes and, well, who gives a shit?


More importantly, there are some new pictures from the second part of the California visit.  Included is a picture of a couple bottles of wine I bought back in Summer 2008 when on a roadtrip with T to Santa Barbara.  T, J, Nic and I enjoyed these bottles together over a dinner Nic and I prepared for the new-parents-again.  Also, you’ll see a photo of Nic trying to show Ella how to suck her thumb.  I wonder if she has since taken to the thumb. 


There are a couple photos of Erik and Jaclyn with their little girl, Charlotte.  The five of us went out to dinner at a great tapas place in Mountain View.  I forget the name, but if you want more info, just let me know.  Great, lively atmosphere and some unique fare to go with it.  Charlotte was a champ as the big kids talked and drank.


Then there was the obligatory trip to the coast, my favorite beaches and, of course, my favorite restaurant on the planet, Duarte’s.  The day did not disappoint, as we stopped at a number of mostly-sun-drenched beaches as we made our way from Pescadero to Santa Cruz (the necessary stop at the Wednesday farmer’s market for some oysters on the half shell for me).  


 A couple days later (I think), Nic and I made a guest appearance in Lars and Pam’s soon-to-be renovated 1970s kitchen (haha).  Nic made homemade crust for kids pizzas (with a little help from Audrey, thank you very much).  T was able to make it over on a rainy night with just Ella and Brita made another trip up and included us on her “to see” list.  So there I was, my two sisters (yeah, I guess that mean T and Brita), Pammy, and the love of my life.  What a great night.  All topped off with pizza, beer, wine, to say nothing of the big bro, my two nieces and my future personal chef, Ian.  Thanks again, WG Holmbergs for all your hospitality.


Mom and Dad came over to the Bay Area again (thanks so much for making the trip and taking us out to dinner, you two).  Nic, the WG Holmbergs and myself met up in Monterey for the aquarium, which had some really cool new stuff, including seahorses of all shapes and sizes and big tanks with sharks; these were new to me, since I’d not been there for 15 years, I think.  Nic had never been.  All in all, a great day, finished with dinner at Fandango, where we just happened to sit across the room from my SJSU Steinbeck professor, Susan Shillinglaw.  Very cool, considering I was earlier in the day sharing some of my knowledge about Cannery Row, Doc Rickets and the Palace Flophouse.


I’m missing some pictures from other cameras.  Ma, I got yours but didn’t post them here; I’ll try to next time.  Brita and the rest of the LA crew: do you have any photos from the party at WG Holmbergs?  I am curiously shy of pictures of Ian and Audrey with me.  


Anyhow, more pics to come soon of the WI stay.  

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