Nepal Training-Week 2

It’s been so bloody hot and humid here lately that we were lucky to get to the top of Hwangyeongsan (~400m) this past Saturday morning.  The trail was dry, though the air was not.  While both Nic and I are sweaty messes no matter what, I can only imagine how easy these hikes will be when the weather is nicer.


Slide 3 shows the mountain range where Eomgwangsan is.  Slide 4 shows the range that leads to and from Silla University (Beakyangsan is a peak Nic and I have yet to conquer together, but it will be done for a longer hike).  Slide 5 shows the big ugly bastard Jangsan in the distance. 


In terms of weather, we will have to do a little research for SE Asia in February and March; we will be in Thailand for a month and we plan to keep up a moderate cardio regimen despite all the cheap beers and pad thai that will be consumed.  We are set to arrive in Nepal the last week of March; depending on how the money holds out, we’ve decided to absorb the Annapurna Circuit instead of going crazy getting from Base Camp to the other side of the country—therefore saving a little dough on permits and airfare.  In any case, we’re looking to stay in and near Annapurna for 30 to 42 days.  It’s great to have some things sorted out in this time of seemingly infinite variables.

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