Nepal Training-Week 3

This past week turned from hot and humid to humid and rainy; a tropical storm moved through in the beginning of last week, sending huge swells up the Suyeong River near our place; also, there were 8 foot waves down at Millak Park, where the waves are usually about a foot at most.  As of now, it looks that the less-than-optimal outside training conditions will improve starting this Thursday; we are still getting sporadic thunderstorms related to the typical summer rainy season.
We’ve started to put together our list and check items off for gear.  Just last week, Nic found a pair of boots she needs to break in over the next few weeks.  If they are not suitable for her, she can take them back.  Unfortunately, the department store where we bought them will not take them back if they look as though they’ve been out on the trail.  Nic will have to wear them on the treadmill and/or around the apartment to see if they’ll work.  If we were to purchase these items from REI back in the US, for example, we could try them on the trail and return them with no questions asked if they didn’t suffice. 
Footwear is one thing that we do not want to take shortcuts on.  In addition to good, broken-in boots, it is also recommended that you have a few good pairs of breathable but thick socks and liners to keep your feet safe from blisters (Lonely Planet: Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya).  Currently, it is between the two major hiking seasons of spring and fall, so there are some good sales to be had.  I have yet to search for mine, but will be doing that in the near future. 
Next week: a big hike with minimal weight–maybe Soraksan in the northeast of the country, or Jirisan to the west-northwest out of Busan.

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